A year ago today, I began my journey as a Hill staffer. While I understood that a job of this magnitude was unprecedented in both rigor and opportunity, I could have never imagined all that would come with this journey in just 365 days.

The most important thing I think anyone should take away from this piece is that their is power in believing you can. When I took on this position everything in my heart and mind questioned if this was a feasible feat, I naturally believed I was in over my head by taking on such an enormous…

News publications across the country reported yesterday that rapper and entrepreneur, Kanye West, officially etched his name in history — becoming the “Richest Black Person in America.” Consistent critic of West’s net worth, Forbes Magazine, predictably deemed the claims inflated; estimating his net worth at a much lower, $1.3 billion.

Whether Kanye West’s net worth is as much as $6.6 billion or not is a question only he can answer, however, regardless of the number of billions he’s accrued over time, only he knew he would get to this point. Subject of constant controversy, Kanye has been far from perfect…

If you are anything like me, the stress over the disaster that was 2020, continues to make you weary of good things in your life. Since the New Year, I have consistently tried to give this year my best shot — focusing on both my physical and mental health — in order to give myself the best chance at a healthy prosperous year.

If I am being honest, On December 31st I was on a high. I was surrounded by the people I love and sure that this year would be my year — that high ended rather quickly. On…

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Shockingly enough, despite the confounding and unprecedented political unrest this country continues to face, fashion still found a way to be a part of the conversation.

Donald Trump single handedly destroyed the American political system on January 6 as growing tension over his divisive and dangerous rhetoric finally boiled over in a showdown that put the heart of American politics and top leaders of both parties in grave danger.

As expected, news channels across the country have provided 24-hour coverage on everything from impeachment and the future of the Republican Party to the possibility of VP Pence activating the 25th…

Hot names like Saweetie, Playboy Carti, Kanye West, and Travis Scott dominated the fashion conversation in 2020. From Sunday Service to Human Made, top brands and their founders dictated what was hot and what was dropped last year — making their outfit choices some of the most talked about and emulated in history.

Personally, I’ve always had an acute admiration for the underdog. …

Image Courtesy of Adam Zyglis-Buffalo News

The foundation of American politics slowly cracked last year. Tensions over Donald Trump’s presidency and partisan division caused rifts in a system built on minimizing rifts. Conclusively, the combination of social turmoil and political insecurity tested the power of politics and its ability to counteract societal problems. Whether we failed or thrived as a country — though the answer seems simple — will take years to truly answer. For now, all we can do is look at 2020 as a whole and how it affected us as a nation.

Coronavirus: The start of a fast demise.

Image Courtesy of Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times

During the 2020 presidential election cycle, Joe Biden made a commitment to protect and propel the interests of the African American community on unprecedented levels.

On Thursday, President-elect Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper “I’m going to keep my commitment that the administration, both in the White House and outside in the cabinet, is going to look like the country.”

This commitment comes after collective unrest held by minority communities over a demonstrated lack of diversity in the announced cabinet positions — despite his firm commitment to prioritize diversity.

America continues to face unrivaled hardship with over 270,000 deaths and an…

As my birthday approaches and I finish another lap around the sun, I gain a better understanding of the world and our place in it. Last year was my 21st birthday and I thought that that was the birthday that was going to officially mark my beginning of adulthood and peak introspection. However, it was not.

Instead, this year provided inexplicable hardship and loss that challenged me to evolve into a much healthier, honest person. …

The 2020 Presidential Election proved chaotic, as many suspected it would. With polarization looming over the results, two sides are telling completely different stories. The GOP feel cheated out of a second term while Liberals released a sigh of relief at Joe Biden’s Victory.

Voter turnout was unparalleled this election. Across party lines voters of all demographics showed up to support their respective candidate –Vox estimated that the 2020 election voter turnout was the highest in 120 years. Arguably, unprecedented partisanship led to the record-breaking turnout.

Former President, Donald Trump, lacked confidence in the electoral process, while his supporters remained…

We all deserve a quality life.

One filled with the highest highs and endurable lows. A life that inspires our families and friends and provides eternal fulfillment at the end of our journey.

But far too many people settle for good when great is obtainable. 2020 has been one of the hardest years of my life — I do not think I am alone in that sentiment. But I think there is still potential for humanity, we can all still live out a quality life.

The defining difference, in part, between a great and good life is boundaries. Quickly, our…

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