Creativity, inclusivity, and individuality: The 2020 Drippers of the Year

Hot names like Saweetie, Playboy Carti, Kanye West, and Travis Scott dominated the fashion conversation in 2020. From Sunday Service to Human Made, top brands and their founders dictated what was hot and what was dropped last year — making their outfit choices some of the most talked about and emulated in history.

Personally, I’ve always had an acute admiration for the underdog. Last year I watched some of my favorite Instagram followers — with a mutual love for fashion — take rewarding risks starting their own brands, collaborating with top brands in fashion, creating their own niche look and posting subtle yet fire fits with hard hitting captions.

All I can say is, lowkey drippers need love too. With a quarter of the resources and a fraction of the following, these iconic voguish influencers made noise and, in my opinion, competed — if not surpassed — top names in fashion.

Here’s a look at my favorite fashion influencers in my favorite fits of 2020 — each individual and outfit is rooted in subtly, creativity, and individuality.

Reggie (@regular.reggie) — “The Humble Flex”

Reggie’s handle says it all — he calls himself regular when clearly, his fashion presence is very different in the best way.

In 2020 I loved that his style seemed easy but artistic. From mixing cool with light tones, baggy with skinny to wearing the classic fitted to the side like they did in the early 2000’s, he’s just cool. Most noteworthy about his look is I really do not think he is trying — his outfits genuinely come naturally, that’s a rarity in today’s world.

Big labels and big names have become a staple of the fashion industry. While Reggie wears some high price tag pieces, the more notable factor is what he can create with any item. In my opinion, what makes him one of the most fashionable people I’ve seen is his ability to wear, yet not be consumed by the hype pieces. He’s demonstrated that a $1000 shoe is just an addition to the already proper fit he’s put together.

In a world full of forcers and trend chasers, Reggie was a breath of fresh air last year, effortlessly showing what it means to be fly without having to try.

Kristian (@_iamsimplyk) — “The Konsistent Killa”

Out of curiosity I asked Kristian her favorite thing about her fashion presence in 2020 and she highlighted “My fashion presence in 2020 was simple yet stylish, to the point and always made a statement.”

I would be remiss if I did not point out that Kristian’s entire Instagram is a consistent effort to be fly in her own way.

Since 2016 her Instagram has been dominated by simple, yet unique takes on pieces people don’t wear often.

I should note that this is absolutely a Zara stan account and Kristian wears Zara better than most. Unique to her, however, is her natural ability to layer loose fitting clothes without looking unkept.

Kristian does not let up. Her consistency in 2020 was something to watch from fun reels, to statement posts, to collabs with impressive brands, Kristian made clear that she is here to stay.

Genuine authenticity is rare to find, in that way, Kristian’s fashion presence is a welcomed rarity.

Stephen (@stephen.isaiah.t)— “The Holy Grail”

Stephen is a jack of all trades. He understands the culture, he knows what works for him, and most notable, he is the founder of an up and coming clothing brand “Peace With God”.

In 2020 Stephen was faithful. He made sure he stuck to what drove his soul and with every post, that translated. I love his presence because it’s special to who he is. What first made me notice him was his commitment to his brand and identity.

He makes sure that his faith is at the forefront of his Instagram presence. In my opinion, religious clothing brands are often redundant — typically plain with a Bible verse and no real design. Stephen’s is different, he’s passionate about what he creates and what he puts on and for that, his brand is definitely one to watch.

I asked Stephen what made his fashion presence special in 2020 and he noted “My fashion presence is defined by a versatile style, so that I wouldn’t feel restricted to the just one.”

I agree, his attire is boundless — flyer than fly.

When I think of Stephen, I think instant identity and because he is clear about what he wants to represent, he’s the Holy Grail of the year.

Inaya (@inayal8ter) — “The Trend Setter”

Inaya’s social media presence is a vibe.

I think of Inaya’s fashion sense as transformational. Instead of following something she’s seen before she takes different pieces from different trends and mixes them beautifully.

In 2020, Inaya made noise with her fits. She’s not cocky or boastful — naturally drawing you in with her confidence and risk taking.

What I love most about Inaya is that while her personality is very delicate and feminine, she can throw on a fitted with the best of them and where the heck out of it.

Think Teyanna Taylor with a hint more femininity.

She had this to say about her fashion, “My fashion presence was like a band aid over the deep cut of 2020, it made it better.”

I can’t speak for everyone when I say this, but Inaya is right in the since that her fashion presence was a ray of light. This year her social media presence proved that even in our darkest hour, drippers can heal a nation.

Justin (@jpremedadon) — “The Don.”

Justin is Bullish with his fits. From him I get big boss energy — and it comes from a genuine space of confidence. Honestly, Justin’s Instagram presence in 2020 was a breath of fresh and air and naturally he made me listen and watch him with every post.

I’ll be the first to say it, a strong undertone to people leading fashion is arrogance. But this is not Justin’s claim to fame — instead he focuses on being himself and worrying less about attention and more about attraction.

People who seek attention often do so in a thirsty way, subconsciously yearning to appease their followers and subsequently boost their following. Not Justin.

He is an attraction seeker in the sense that I can see that he wants genuine followers and engagements. He’s so himself and that is naturally attractive. I think Justin had the most genuine social media presence, from his co-founding of @hamptonufits to his inspiring captions under each post, I think Justin just appreciates the culture in a very genuine way.

All I can say is, Justin is a bully with the fits, naturally making us realize that he is the don of the drip. Whether you like it or not, Justin’s got it, and he’s not afraid to make you feel it.

Ashley (@ashleesteez)— The Vixen

Last but certainly not least, we have Ashley a.k.a the vixen. In 2020 Ashley’s style was seductive in a curious way. Whether it’s her beat face or her shades that give old school nostalgia, she is sassy and sure of herself to an alluring point.

I liked Ashley’s maturity this year. Her outfits, her captions and her consistency left all of us wondering what she couldn’t do.

It is clear, Ashely is confident in her credentials and she did not come to play with y’all this year.

Ashely noted that what she loved most about her fashion this year was that “having fun putting fits together finding my own style and trying new things” her goal this year was to inspire others, I think she did that.

Ashley has the perfect blend between tomboy and vixen. I think she is an important disruption to what it means to be attractive. It’s giving Kodie Shane swag with Saweetie’s femininity.

In 2021 we have to invest more in the underdogs. Hype fashion and big names are cool but there is something to be said about the ones getting it out the mud and forging their own identity.

Each person highlighted is proof that being fly is innate, either you got it or you don’t. Remember, it’s not the label or the price tag on the clothes that makes you a real dripper. It’s the confidence of the person in it and their ability to reimagine the cloth that really sets fashion off.

P.S. If nothing else, Stay fly and funky✌🏾

Health, wellness, and spirituality enthusiast driven to make change through writing and advocating.

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